November 6, 2011

Bigg Boss 5: Laxmi is very irritating, says Mandeep Bevli

Mandeep Bevli is out.Hear what she says about her ex-house mates

'Thank god, I'm out!'
Having been evicted from the Bigg Boss Season 5, Mandeep nee Mandy is actually happy that she's "away from the fights that were beyond ridiculous!" There's relief in her voice as she says: "I was sleep-deprived! Thank god, that nightmare is beyond me and I'm out! My immunity was completely down and I couldn't do many tasks because of health reasons. Now that it's all over, I'm glad that I remained dignified throughout the show, and was perceived as a fair person by most of the inmates and didn't stoop low for the TRPs!"

'Laxmi's an attention-seeker!'
Fairplay was certainly her forte, but what about Laxmi Tripathi accusing her of playacting just to evade the household chores? Mandy thunders: "Laxmi is an idiot if she thinks that I was playacting! In that case, those two doctors who were monitoring my health and prescribed strong medicines, were fools too! One day, while sorting the fungus-infested vegetables in the fridge, I got rashes all over my body and was advised to stay away from all such chores! Was that my fault?"

'Most irritating person!'
So, who, according to her was the most irritating inmate? "Laxmi, for sure! She is the biggest attention seeker around and wants to be a part of every discussion. She wants to play her transgender card 24x7. She forever goes 'mera beta' 'meri beti' and one feels like telling her to shut up," says she.

'Boo to woman card'
If Laxmi got on her nerves because of poking her nose in every conversation, Mandy too came across as rather weird when she kept saying - 'main jaata hoon, khaata hoon, peeta hoon'like a lad. Ask her why this strange lingo, and pat comes the reply: "I was brought up in the Army background and stayed in places like Shillong, Hyderabad etc., where I couldn't pick up Hindi properly. So, I started saying jaata hoonetc. by mistake. Later, when I saw lot of women using their 'woman card' in the battle of sexes, I decided to use this lingo as my power card! People found it cute, so I now use it as a habit!

The Times of India