November 27, 2011

Pooja Misrra has suicidal tendencies, says Pooja Bedi

After her eviction from the celebrity house, Pooja Bedi gets chatty with us about romance, backstabbers and Pooja Misrra's suicidal tendencies.

Pooja Bedi is out of Bigg Boss-5, but she has no regrets! Reason? "No show or contest is bigger for me than my children," says Pooja after coming out of the celebrity house, adding: "It's my daughter's birthday on Monday, and earlier, the production people had agreed to allow me to meet my daughter for ten minutes. But later, due to some technical problems, it was not possible. Hence, I asked my fans not to vote for me, so that I could be with my little darlings. As a single mother, I take my responsibilities very seriously!"

'Sid created all the romantic vibes!'
Pooja, who is known to be a chirpy, vivacious girl, got along well with many inmates, including Sky (Akashadeep Sahgal). But, her friendship was given a romantic angle by inmates like Siddharth and Amar Upadhyay. Ask her if she is upset by their jibes and sarcastic comments, and pat comes the reply: "I confronted Sid about it and told him that he was the one who created this so-called love angle by going on his knees and claiming that he had a crush on me and dancing on pehla nasha for me. For me - Juhi, Sky and Sunny were my best friends in the house and I don't discriminate between a boy and girl when it comes to friendship. That bonding would have irked others in the house. But, Sid finally told me that he admired my loyalty for Sky."

'Pooja Misrra has suicidal tendencies'
And what does she have to say about Pooja Misrra, who was thrown out of Bigg Boss' house for getting violent? Known to be a fair, judicious and righteous person, Pooja says, getting emotional: "Pooja Misrra has a mental imbalance! It was evident in the first week itself! She also has suicidal tendencies! She feels somebody has done black magic on her. Her extreme mood swings, her sudden temper bursts -all indicate to the fact that she's not well mentally. Initially, I used to get angry seeing her behave like that. But later on, I started being very protective towards her. I'm amazed that she was allowed to enter the show despite the psychological mapping, which is mandatory for all the contestants! I really feel that her mental imbalance was exploited commercially, which saddens me. I am glad that she is out of the show and now she will be getting experts' help, which she should have got a long while ago!"

The Times of India