November 26, 2011

Bigg Boss 5: Pooja Misrra thrown out of house for assaulting Siddharth Bhardwaj

Living true to its imagery of a tale of twists and turns, one more unexpected spin took place in the reality show, Big Boss at last night. This time, the wild cat of the house, Pooja Misrra has been thrown out of Bigg Boss house for assaulting a fellow contestant, Siddharth Bhardwaj. The event took place at 2 a.m, when Misrra once again failed to control her temper and entered an heated arguemnet with Bhardwaj.

This all began, with Pooja Misrra’s tenure as the captain of the house. Unlike many, who were equally dissatisfied with this, Siddharth on the other hand chose to be vocal about his desire of denying the orders of the new captain – Pooja Misrra. He told her how he would not want to do the dishes and would instead take up the responsibility of making lunch with the help of another person. Pooja Misrra sorted this out with Amar and Pooja Bedi and asked Sidharth to cook lunch and not do the dishes instead.

But the spat between both of them continued on various occasions which possibly turned violent at the end. According to the sources, Misrra lost her patience to assault Siddharth and Bigg Boss had to ask her to leave the house yesterday at 2 am for breaking the rules.

The development comes close to the eve of  eigth week of eviction in the Big Boss house.

Pooja Misrra has been a VJ, talk show anchor and Page 3 socialite. She has previously participated in the reality show, The Big Switch on UTV Bindass, where her fiery devil-may-care attitude led to quite a few fights with other participants.