November 25, 2011

Bigg Boss 5: What we should learn from Sunny Leone!

The makers of Bigg Boss 5 seem to have hit the bull’s eye after they roped in Indo-Candian porn star Sunny Leone to feature on the show. The show that was slammed for being lackluster is back with and that’s all thanks to Sunny Leone!

Men folk all across are busy googling this bombshell once the show gets over. With some eighty thousand followers on Twitter in a week already, Sunny’s surely stirring passions. If that’s not all, the internet is abuzz with jokes as well as quotes that indicate that people have developed quite a liking for this sexy lass. And, in a rather interesting feature, has enlisted a few lessons that can be learnt from Sunny.

According to the report, the biggest lesson the porn star gives out to women is the fact that they shouldn’t let their past define their present. “We’re seeing her in an alternate universe where she’s just a regular girl. She’s clearly having fun with it, and all girls can learn from that,” reports the website.

The site also suggests that Sunny’s pretty much giving out a lesson to all women out there that there’s nothing wrong in learning new things even if one ends up being looking a little silly during the course of learning. “Sunny’s making an effort to improve her Hindi, and throughout the show she’s seen going out on a limb by trying to make herself understood and never insisting on falling back on English,” suggests the website.

Also, here’s relationship gyan coming our way from our very own porn star Sunny- “When Sid of fered to teach Sunny how to make rotis, she happily agreed and made an earnest effort to follow his instructions in the kitchen. Rather than play up the role reversal of teacher and student in the kitchen, she rolled with it.” Well that’s sort of lending all you women a lesson at not being afraid of learning a thing or two from the men folk in your lives.

Here’s hoping that Sunny continues to enlighten the women all across and men can surely derive pleasure from the lessons as and when they’re implemented.

Source: Daily Bhaskar