October 29, 2011

Want a happy married life? Bathe together

Wanting to make your married life rocking? Well, then how about taking a shower together? Yes, you read it right.

Gone are the days when men were shown in movies asking for the towel or bar soaps and then trying to pull their ladies inside the bathroom, all efforts in vain though. Couples seems to have come out of the closet now and entered the bathroom, for a good shower. Couples tell us how taking a shower together can actually help you not only have a good sex but also build intimacy between each other.

"We actually have days fixed for a bubble bath together," excitedly adds Aruna. She further adds, "It is not like every time we bath together we ought to have sex but yes sometimes we do end up having it. But yes, both of us feel that it is the best way to de-stress ourselves. Also, we have this thing that we think of something new to do during that session. It is no doubt a lovely experience."

But trying such a thing for the first time really needs a lot of thinking. "When my boyfriend first proposed to me this idea, I was taken aback. But then we made a deal of just having fun within limits. I was also a bit shy since I was quite conscious of my body stats. But I think this has helped me a lot to bond with my boyfriend. We have opened up quite a lot after the first time we took a shower together. It is fun but only if you trust someone," says Tanushree.

Mehul, a working professional recently got his bathroom renovated with different equipment to add to the excitement. "I now have a mobile shower and got it converted into a steam bathroom as my fiancee sometimes likes me to have sex with her in the bathroom. Although it was her idea, I have started liking it now. We also give each other a sponge bath sometimes which is quite a turn on for her," he shares.