November 26, 2011

Bigg Boss 5: 'Smiling' Pooja Bedi evicted from house

When the Season 2 host turned out to be a Season 5 guest celebrity, everyone expected her to win since she was the only contestant who had known the show in and out and had mastered the tricks of the trade. But alas, the tall lady proved everyone wrong and has been evicted out of the Bigg Boss house this week.

She has been the most dignified and well mannered lady who always stood up for what is right and never let anyone point a finger at her or any of her close ones in the show. From performing in tasks to sorting out the fights inside the house, Pooja has always been just.  Her age that brings along maturity, worked well for her inside the house, especially while dealing with someone like Sidharth, who is the kid on the show. She has always acted as per the circumstances and has never been too judgmental in any of her decisions.

It had been long since the mother of two had been complaining about missing her kids and wanting to go back before her kid’s birthday, who knew that her stars would shine bright at the right time and all her wishes will be granted. She made a lot of new friends on the show, but those who would always stay close to her heart would be Sky and Juhi.

Surviving inside the house for 54 days, Pooja Bedi is not only taking back a lot of wonderful memories but in turn is also leaving a lot more behind. We hope Pooja takes back wonderful memories of the house and goes back to living a life outside the house with a lot more balance and sternness.