April 30, 2012

Type 'Zerg Rush' in Google Search and see what happens

Try typing the word 'Zerg Rush' in the search engine Google. Look at what happens on the screen.

Later when the user double-clicking on the Google page, will drop a lot of the letter "O" of the small size, which then, destroy all the search results, until finally the formation of the letters "GG" are large.

As quoted from Mashable, this is an easter egg feature the latest of the themed Zerg Rush.

Easter egg refers to the game StarCraft 2 made ​​by Blizzard, developer game World of Warcraft.

In the game of Starcraft 2, there are three types of occupants, the Protoss, Terran and Zerg. Zerg is an alien nation. The Zergs has a unique force with the name "Zergling" is a small alien whose job it attacked a building in groups.

If a player has the Zergling troops in large numbers and attack towards the enemy barrage, then this is called "Zergling Rush".

Zerg Rush After typing in the Google search box, you will be faced with a bunch of aliens in the form of the letter "O".

User's task is to protect the results of alien attacks "O" is. Point your mouse pointer to click on them and to destroy it.

The letter "O" will try to destroy every part of the search results, including the menu on the left. [mor]

April 29, 2012

Monte Carlo forays into overseas market

Kolkata: Punjab-based Nahar group's company Monte Carlo Fashions has ventured into the overseas market in an attempt to increase global visibility.

"This year (2012-13) we have decided to sell Monte Carlo branded products in global markets in Africa, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand," Monte Carlo Fashions Ltd President (Retail) Swapan Dutta told PTI.

"We will open a flagship store in Dubai and in the rest of the Middle East gradually. We have decided to use shop-in-shop model in several south of African countries like Cameroon and Nigeria. We have also tied up with stores in Australia and New Zealand," he said.

The company is planning to raise Rs 330-380 crore through a mix of private equity and Initial Public Offer (IPO).

"Monte Carlo was valued at Rs 850 crore when it was hived off from the parent. We are planning to raise funds by way of PE and IPO, but details are not yet finalised," Dutta said.

The company, carved out from Oswal Woolen Mills last year to unlock value through private placement and IPO, had said in November it proposed to dilute up to 25-30 per cent stake through private equity and public issue for raising Rs 330-380 crore from PE funds and IPO.

The company which was known primarily for its winter wear garments was now planning to focus aggressively on the non-winter category and lifestyle garments.

"Winter wear accounts for almost 75 per cent of the company's total sales and in future we hope both will contribute equally," Dutta said.

He added the turnover in 2001-12 stood at Rs 400 crore and in the current fiscal it was likely expand to Rs 550 crore.

UGC-NET Online June 2012 - UGC NET Application Form 2012 Download

Apply for UGC NET June 2012 Online Application in www.ugcnetonline.in 

National Eligibility Test will be commenced under University Grants Commission to award Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) for the eligible fellows who are willing to settle in teaching profession & research. UGC NET Online is completely different from SLET (State Level Eligibility Test) or STET. This will be conducted National wide while STET will be conducted State wide. This Written Test will taken place in various areas in Humanities, Social Sciences, Forensic Science, Environmental Sciences, Computer Science and Applications and Electronic Science.

What’s new in UGC NET Online June 2012?

There are many changes done in the pattern of National Eligibility Test. Primarily from this year, UGC NET will be conducted in Objective mode by eliminating Negative marks too. This was really a bonus gift to the candidates who are now attending to write the test. As per the official notification, there will be no negative marking in both Paper 1 and Paper 2 as those are in conducting in objective mode. The UGC NET June 2012 Written Test is scheduled to be held on 24th June, 2012.

ugc net online

SSLC results 2012: You can check it here

The results of the Kerala SSLC examinations were announced on April 27, 2012. All you need to do to check your results is to enter your registration number after logging on to the following websites:


The SSLC is obtained by passing a public examination, i.e., an examination that has been formulated by the regional board of education that the school is affiliated with, and not by members of the faculty of the school.

The performance of a student in the SSLC examination is the key factor in obtaining admission to a higher secondary school of choice, where acceptance is typically based on the results of the SSLC examination. Therefore, the SSLC is often regarded as the first important examination that a student undertakes.

The Indian system of education fundamentally consists of five years of primary schooling, followed by five years of secondary schooling. The SSLC must be obtained at the end of term of study at the secondary school, after which a student can study at a higher secondary school, which is sometimes called a Pre-University Course (PUC), for two years.

April 25, 2012

Marie and Jay Coulbeck: Online & in reality

Couple who met and got engaged in a computer game marry in real life despite looking nothing like their online alter-egos  

On computer screen they were like a movie-star couple.

She with her toned, tanned body, enviable curves and a penchant for not wearing very much. He with an impressive tattoo, rock-god locks and abs you could bounce a 50 pence piece off.

But when Marie and Jay Coulbeck decided to exchange real photographs after their alter egos got engaged in 3D chat room IMVU, the couple from Rugeley found they had bent the truth some what.

With a dress size of 28 – 30 Mrs Coulbeck admits she looked nothing like her size eight alter ego - Goddess of the Orient. But then again divorced fork lift truck driver Jay Coulbeck, 41, didn't much resemble his avatar Gunner, either.

None of it mattered. The couple fell in love and married - for real - in September.

Mother of two grown up daugthers, Mrs Coulbeck, 44, joined IMVU after becoming sad, lonely and depressed after a string of disastrous relationships.

The programme describes itself as a 3d chatroom where users can create an avatar to represent themselves by selecting features like, face, hair and bodies and design and create a virtual hang out to meet and speak to friends.

Mrs Coulbeck said: 'My confidence and self-esteem was rock bottom but this programme allowed me to leave that behind and be the person I wanted to be.

‘I designed the Goddess to be everything I felt I wasn’t in real life: slim, sexy and confident. Being her was a way of escaping the usual drudgery and I actually started to prefer my online life to my real one.'

Some days Mrs Coulbeck would spend up to 16 hours online as the Goddess. 'It was like my real life didn’t exist anymore and the fantasy one had taken over,' she admitted.

Then in August 2010 Goddess clapped eyes on Gunner for the first time. Showing off his toned torso through a sexy tight shirt, Goddess - and the single Mrs Coulbeck - was instantly smitten.

‘It sounds odd to admit that I had a crush on an avatar. I thought he was gorgeous and he said the same about me,' she said.

‘He kept coming into the room I was furnishing and in the end we got chatting and he started helping me. As well as being attracted to his avatar his personality shined through and because of that there was a big connection between us pretty much straight away.'

Within days they had become partners on IMVU and eventually got engaged using credits to buy engagement rings for their avatars and make it official to other IMVU users too.

Then father-of-one Mr Coulbeck asked Goddess to send him a real picture of herself.

Mrs Coulbeck said: ‘I warned him I was a big girl. My avatar was a size eight and in real life I’m a size 28 to 30.

'I was terrified when I sent him my photo. I was in love with him and he said he felt the same but I knew it was make or break when I sent the picture and yes I was a bit worried because Goddess was nothing like me.

‘I created her to represent the slim gorgeous woman I want to be but thankfully Jay said I looked beautiful anyway.

Mrs Coulbeck also relaxed when Gunner's real picture arrived showing he also bore little resemblance to his avatar.

‘He wasn’t Gunner just like I wasn’t the Goddess,' she said. 'But I still found him really attractive so it was a huge relief when he said he liked my picture too.

‘We were already engaged online before he came to see me so it felt natural for him to stay and he moved in that day.

The couple had met at Mrs Coulbeck's home in Staffordshire 90 miles away from her future husband's in Lincoln. But first they pledged their love by buying each other wedding outfits for their avatars.

Mrs Coulbeck admits she was nervous when Mr Coulbeck turned up at her door but after presenting her with a huge bunch of roses and a teddy the couple were instantly at ease with each other.

Then when it came to going home time Mr Coulbeck couldn't find his car keys. Mrs Coulbeck said: 'I was helping him look but secretly I was delighted because I didn’t want him to leave. I knew I didn’t want to be apart from him again.’

Mr Coulbeck was still there a week later when he stunned Mrs Coulbeck by proposing for the second time on one knee. She said: 'I’ve never been married and thought those days were behind me, I was smiling from ear to ear.

‘My parents were concerned when I told them I was marrying a man from the computer game  because it’s their job to worry and they didn’t understand how you can fall in love on a computer game without meeting, but once they got to know Jay they thought he was wonderful and still do.’

A year later on September 3rd they married again – this time for real in front of 50 family and friends.

Mr Coulbeck said: ‘No we haven’t been back on the game since, why do I need to now I’ve got her for real?

‘We actually think the game is a bit silly now, but thank God we both joined or we would never have found each other.’

Mrs Coulbeck added: 'Using IMVU was a fantasy escape for me but it became a reality. I don’t need it anymore because my real life is good at last but I’ll always be grateful that it brought us together.

‘I created Goddess for a bit of fun and it changed my life. I wasn’t trying to mislead anyone with her appearance because I never expected to really meet anyone from the game in real life.

‘I’m pretty sure that if I’d made my avatar a big girl it wouldn’t have been as much fun and we would never have met.

‘He (Mr Coulbeck) was my dream man in IMVU and he’s turned out to be my dream man in real life too. I never thought when I created that avatar it would lead me to love.’

Rupert Murdoch to face inquiry over media influence

Rupert Murdoch makes a keenly anticipated appearance before a high-profile media inquiry on Wednesday to confront charges that he used his powerful stable of British newspapers to influence politicians for the benefit of his business interests.

The 81-year-old mogul - his media empire already under fire from many sides in Britain - will testify before the Leveson inquiry a day after his son James appeared in a highly charged session that revealed how a government minister had advised Murdoch's News Corp in its bid to buy the successful pay-TV group BSkyB last year.

The minister, media secretary Jeremy Hunt, briefed News Corp on the thinking of regulators and leaked confidential information, while at the same time acting for the government in deciding whether to approve the controversial $12 billion Sky deal.

Allegations that the government had sought to help Murdoch in his business dealings go to the heart of the issue in Britain, that Murdoch wields too much influence and that this resulted in a company culture which rode roughshod over rules and regulations.

Prime Minister David Cameron appointed judge Brian Leveson to examine Britain's press standards after journalists at Murdoch's News of the World tabloid admitted hacking into phones on a massive scale to generate exclusives.

The revelations last July convulsed Murdoch's media empire, exposed the close ties between the upper echelons of Britain's establishment and provoked a wave of public anger.

US-based News Corp, owner of Fox Television and the Wall Street Journal, eventually pulled its bid to buy the 61 percent of satellite broadcaster BSkyB that it did not already own amid the intense political and public pressure.

Murdoch is likely to face questions over how the phone hacking came about but he will also face detailed questioning about his relationship with politicians.

Living in fear

Murdoch was the first newspaper boss to visit Cameron after he took office in 2010 - entering via the back door - and politicians from all parties have lived in fear for decades of his press and what they might reveal about their personal lives.

Labour politician Chris Bryant, who accepted damages from Murdoch's British newspaper group after the paper admitted hacking his phone, said the media mogul had dominated the political landscape for decades.

"You have only got to watch Rupert Murdoch's staff with him to see how his air of casual violence intimidates people," he told Reuters. "His presence in the British political scene has similarly intimidated people by offering favour to some and fear to all."

Murdoch's influence over prime ministers goes back decades: papers released this year showed that he held a secret meeting with then-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in 1981 to secure his acquisition of the Times of London.

Tony Blair was godfather to one of Murdoch's daughters, Gordon Brown was a personal friend of the Australian-born businessman and Cameron employed as his personal spokesman a former Murdoch editor who was himself implicated in the hacking scandal.

"Ever since the Sun claimed they won it in 1992 there's been an almost pathological fear of Murdoch's ability to influence an electorate," Liverpool University's political professor Jonathan Tonge told Reuters, in reference to the 1992 election.

"It's hugely unhealthy."

Staff who have worked alongside Murdoch say he is hard to brief for such occasions and Murdoch watchers have been hugely anticipating the hearing at the Victorian gothic courtroom.

During a parliamentary hearing last year, memorable for the actions of a protester who hit Murdoch in the face with a foam pie, he sat alongside James and spoke often in monosyllables but on occasion hit the table with his fist in frustration at the line of questioning.

He will have to face potentially another day and a half of questioning starting on Wednesday from prosecutor Robert Jay, who in the five months of the inquiry so far has shown little deference for the status of those he interrogates.

April 21, 2012

Britain's most beautiful face: Florence Colgate

Cod-damn gorgeous! The girl who works in a chip shop who has 'Britain's most beautiful face'
Leonardo Da Vinci spent a lifetime trying to paint one. Scientists and mathematicians have puzzled for centuries over what makes one, while cosmetic surgeons have amassed fortunes striving to create one.

And Florence Colgate? Well, she simply has one.

The 18-year-old student is blessed with what is described as the perfect face. It matches an international blueprint for the optimum ratio between eyes, mouth, forehead and chin, endowing her with flawless proportions.

In theory, that needn't necessarily cause her to appear anything more than symmetrical (in which department, incidentally, she is also faultless).

But the blue-eyed blonde's mathematical dimensions have just added up to success in a competition to find Britain's most naturally beautiful face.

Florence, who has a Saturday job in a seaside chip shop in between studying for her A-levels, beat 8,000 entrants to win the title. Contestants were judged without make-up and were barred entry if they had had plastic surgery or chemical enhancement.

Locals wryly suggested it was the sea air in the Dover Grammar schoolgirl's home town of Deal, Kent, which contributed to her success, or possibly a secret ingredient in Middle Street Fish Bar's chips.

But it is the scientific definition of beauty – not to mention a healthy portion of beauty genes from her mother – which gave Florence the crown.

A woman's face is said to be most attractive when the space between her pupils is just under half the width of her face from ear to ear. Florence scores a 44 per cent ratio. Experts also believe the relative distance between eyes and mouth should be just over a third of the measurement from hairline to chin. Florence's ratio is 32.8 per cent.

Singer Shania Twain and actresses Liz Hurley and Jessica Alba are ranked among perfectly formed celebrities. Samantha Brick, who caused an international debate after proclaiming women hate her because she is beautiful, is not.

And to top it off, Florence's face is almost perfectly symmetrical, which is also scientifically linked with beauty.

The proportional beauty theory has been around ever since Da Vinci applied visionary thinking and mathematical genius to describing the perfect face more than half a millennium ago.

For Florence, it became reality when friends, family and chip shop customers persuaded her to enter a competition run by ITV's Lorraine programme to highlight natural beauty and encourage women to be proud of their natural look.

Florence, who normally wears light foundation and mascara and admits to using concealer and Vaseline, won a trip to a London model agency and will appear on billboards and posters in Superdrug stores across the country.

She says she would love to have a career in modelling (model Agyness Deyn once worked in a chip shop too) – but is currently studying business, geography and psychology and intends to do business management at university.

'Women should not have to feel that they have to wear make-up,' she said. 'I hope people will look at me and think they don't need to. I'm very happy with the way I look and I would never have any plastic surgery or Botox.'

Carmen Lefèvre, from the University of St Andrews perception laboratory in the School of Psychology, said beauty is strongly linked to symmetry. 'Florence has all the classic signs of beauty,' she added. 'She has large eyes, high cheekbones, full lips and a fair complexion. Symmetry appears to be a very important cue to attractiveness.

'Although we don't realise it in everyday interactions, in most people's faces the right and left half are actually quite different.'

Symmetry alone was not a substitute for beauty, she conceded. On the face of it, however, it seems to work perfectly for Florence.

April 17, 2012

Leighton Meester shows off assets in Brazilian style bikini

Leighton Meester shows off her pert derriere in a Brazilian style bikini as she frolics in sea with new boyfriend in Rio

She split up with actor Justin Long last year.

But relationships obviously suit Leighton Meester as she has been looking increasingly smitten with her new boyfriend Aaron Himelstein as they continue to flaunt their love on holiday in Brazil.

The Gossip Girl star showed off her incredibly pert derriere as she frolicked in the sea with her beau over the weekend.

She looked the picture of health and happiness as she wore a tiny pink snakeskin bikini in Rio de Janeiro.

She showed off her tiny frame in the tiny swimsuit and as she paddled in the waves her curves were shown off for all to see as the bikini bottom was pulled up to reveal her bum cheeks.

Leighton, who turned 26 last week, showed off her fun side as she played around in the water with Aaron, who she previously dated briefly in 2007.

The pair looked loved up as they put on a public display of affection and kissed and cuddled in the water.

They then tried to catch some waves, which caused a girly Leighton to giggle as she fell over onto the sea floor, while Aaron dunked her under.

The pair also held hands as they appeared to not have a care in the world as onlookers saw their show of unity.

Leighton was completely barefaced as she happily posed for photos with her eager fans and signed autographs for them.

She looked care free as she stepped out without her glamorous garbs in just some denim shorts and a pink Ralph Lauren shirt and flip-flops.

The couple continued their romantic Rio getaway as they visited the hippie fair in Ipanema and The Candeleria Church in the country.

The Gossip Girl star and her bearded man were spotted browsing through necklaces and other handmade art at the Feira de Artezanato de Ipanema, which takes over the streets of Rio de Janeiro every Sunday.

The beautiful brunette tried on bracelets as her attentive boyfriend watched on and Leighton left the fair 'with a piece of Rio' in the form of three colourful shopping bags she was seen carrying.

Dressed casually with a makeup-free face, Leighton kept cool in a rainbow-colored Aztec-design top with distressed jean short cutoffs and flip-flops. Likewise, Aaron dressed in a white undershirt and orange shorts.

Later on, the 26-year-old couple sat together in a pew of the historical Candeleria Church as they gazed at the ornate ceiling while in each other's arms.

Before heading out to the beach, Aaron sat and watched as Leighton applied sunscreen on their hotel balcony in Rio.Earlier this week, the acting pair were photographed on a sightseeing tour of Rio de Janeiro's iconic Christ the Redeemer hilltop statue, climbed atop the Corcovado Mountain in the Tijuca Forest National Park.

Leighton and Aaron first dated five years ago when they met on the set of Remember the Daze, a teen film in the same vein as Dazed & Confused.

Aaron must keep in touch with other people from the 2007 film since the movie's director Jess Manafort produced a short film called The Napkin that Aaron wrote and directed last year.

Aaron, who is probably best known for playing a younger version of Austin Powers in Austin Powers in Goldmember, directed his first short film at the age of 13.

The actor is also well known for his role as Friedman, Luke Girardi's best friend, in Joan of Arcadia.

Leighton has a habit of dating her costars. She dated Justin Long for a few months last year when she played his onscreen girlfriend in Going the Distance.

Later on, the 26-year-old couple sat together in a pew of the historical Candeleria Church as they gazed at the ornate ceiling while in each other's arms.

Before heading out to the beach, Aaron sat and watched as Leighton applied sunscreen on their hotel balcony in Rio.Earlier this week, the acting pair were photographed on a sightseeing tour of Rio de Janeiro's iconic Christ the Redeemer hilltop statue, climbed atop the Corcovado Mountain in the Tijuca Forest National Park.

Leighton and Aaron first dated five years ago when they met on the set of Remember the Daze, a teen film in the same vein as Dazed & Confused.

Between 2008 and 2010 Leighton dated her Gossip Girl co-star, Sebastian Stan.

Leighton's character on the hit CW show is often cited as the series' breakout character, thanks in part to her incredible wardrobe, and she is the most critically-acclaimed actor on the series.

The brunette stunner will next be seen playing Andy Samberg's fiancee Christina in That's My Boy, starring Adam Sandler, which will be released June 15.

Mario Falcone slept with 500 women!

'I slept with over 500 women': TOWIE's Mario Falcone, 24, reveals his sordid past including bedding five women in ONE NIGHT

Mario Falcone has revealed he has slept with more than 500 women in his 24 years.

The Only Way Is Essex star's girlfriend and co-star Lucy Mecklenburgh won't be happy with the Italian tailor's candid interview in which he also claims to have bedded five women in one night.

And during a two-week boys trip to Malta, he says he slept with 28 holidaymakers.

Mario posed in just his pants, before disrobing and posing with just a towel around his neck, in a saucy photoshoot for Now magazine.

When asked how many women he had been with, he replied: 'Over 500' and added: 'People might frown on it, but I was a single young man, so I think it's acceptable. If one of my mates told me he's only slept with six girls, I'd be like "What? You've clearly been in a relationship too long".

'I've had two serious girlfriends - I was with them both for two years. But when we broke up, i'd go absolutely mental and make the most of being single.

'The best I've done was five in one night, but that was all individually.'

But he said he was faithful to Lucy and they had a lot of sex to keep things alive.

'Before TOWIE when girls used to throw themselves at me, I knew it was because of my good looks and because I had a lot of swag. Now I don't know if they're only doing it because I'm on TV.'

Mario spoke about Lucy's infidelity with former co-star Mark Wright.

The couple broke up for a short while after she woke up in the former resident playboy's bed and lied about it.

Mario said he had forgiven his girlfriend and Mark had nothing on him.

'I don't think anyone's better than me.

'Mark went out that night to get a storyline for TOWIE. I'm not like that. It's like me going out and deciding I'm going to f*** lauren Goodger, so I've got a good story for the new series. I think Mark lived his life by the show, whereas I live my life and the show follows.

He also revealed that EastEnders star and 2012 Strictly Come Dancing star Kara Tointon had flirted with him.

'It was a few years ago. She was friends with my sister Giovanna. I was texting her at one stage but nothing happened.'

Mario also spoke about his recent feud with The Wanted's Tom Parker.

The pair became embroiled in a Twitter row after Tom said the TOWIE stars were famous for 'doing nothing' and Mario was a 'second class Mark Wright', referring to the show's former resident playboy.

Mario then lashed out, asking if Tom was 'the ugly one in the band'.

He added in the interview that he would 'slap' Tom if he said the same thing to his face.

Lickable elevator lined with 1,325 Jaffa Cakes

Office firm install world's first lickable elevator lined with 1,325 Jaffa Cakes

An imaginative office firm have tried to lift the mood of their workers - by installing the world's first lickable elevator in their building.

The edible lift inside the offices of communications firm Engine has been lined with 1,325 Jaffa Cakes, with staff bizarrely encouraged to lick the walls for an orangey mood boost.

Food technicians and artists took a month to install the unique walls inside the lift, although it seems not much thought was given to hygiene prior to the stunt.

McVitie's Jaffa Cakes said they took inspiration from the glass elevator in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when making the lift.

Whether staff are keen to taste already-licked Jaffa Cakes (assuming they don't go stale) remains to be seen.

McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes chief Philippa Tilley said: 'We are all about bringing a bit more fun to life.

'This was the perfect way to get a little joy straight to stressed-out office workers.'

Paul Krugman: Europe’s Economic Suicide

On Saturday The Times reported on an apparently growing phenomenon in Europe: “suicide by economic crisis,” people taking their own lives in despair over unemployment and business failure. It was a heartbreaking story. But I’m sure I wasn’t the only reader, especially among economists, wondering if the larger story isn’t so much about individuals as about the apparent determination of European leaders to commit economic suicide for the Continent as a whole.

Just a few months ago I was feeling some hope about Europe. You may recall that late last fall Europe appeared to be on the verge of financial meltdown; but the European Central Bank, Europe’s counterpart to the Fed, came to the Continent’s rescue. It offered Europe’s banks open-ended credit lines as long as they put up the bonds of European governments as collateral; this directly supported the banks and indirectly supported the governments, and put an end to the panic.

The question then was whether this brave and effective action would be the start of a broader rethink, whether European leaders would use the breathing space the bank had created to reconsider the policies that brought matters to a head in the first place.

But they didn’t. Instead, they doubled down on their failed policies and ideas. And it’s getting harder and harder to believe that anything will get them to change course.

Consider the state of affairs in Spain, which is now the epicenter of the crisis. Never mind talk of recession; Spain is in full-on depression, with the overall unemployment rate at 23.6 percent, comparable to America at the depths of the Great Depression, and the youth unemployment rate over 50 percent. This can’t go on — and the realization that it can’t go on is what is sending Spanish borrowing costs ever higher.

In a way, it doesn’t really matter how Spain got to this point — but for what it’s worth, the Spanish story bears no resemblance to the morality tales so popular among European officials, especially in Germany. Spain wasn’t fiscally profligate — on the eve of the crisis it had low debt and a budget surplus. Unfortunately, it also had an enormous housing bubble, a bubble made possible in large part by huge loans from German banks to their Spanish counterparts. When the bubble burst, the Spanish economy was left high and dry; Spain’s fiscal problems are a consequence of its depression, not its cause.

Nonetheless, the prescription coming from Berlin and Frankfurt is, you guessed it, even more fiscal austerity.

This is, not to mince words, just insane. Europe has had several years of experience with harsh austerity programs, and the results are exactly what students of history told you would happen: such programs push depressed economies even deeper into depression. And because investors look at the state of a nation’s economy when assessing its ability to repay debt, austerity programs haven’t even worked as a way to reduce borrowing costs.

What is the alternative? Well, in the 1930s — an era that modern Europe is starting to replicate in ever more faithful detail — the essential condition for recovery was exit from the gold standard. The equivalent move now would be exit from the euro, and restoration of national currencies. You may say that this is inconceivable, and it would indeed be a hugely disruptive event both economically and politically. But continuing on the present course, imposing ever-harsher austerity on countries that are already suffering Depression-era unemployment, is what’s truly inconceivable.

So if European leaders really wanted to save the euro they would be looking for an alternative course. And the shape of such an alternative is actually fairly clear. The Continent needs more expansionary monetary policies, in the form of a willingness — an announced willingness — on the part of the European Central Bank to accept somewhat higher inflation; it needs more expansionary fiscal policies, in the form of budgets in Germany that offset austerity in Spain and other troubled nations around the Continent’s periphery, rather than reinforcing it. Even with such policies, the peripheral nations would face years of hard times. But at least there would be some hope of recovery.

What we’re actually seeing, however, is complete inflexibility. In March, European leaders signed a fiscal pact that in effect locks in fiscal austerity as the response to any and all problems. Meanwhile, key officials at the central bank are making a point of emphasizing the bank’s willingness to raise rates at the slightest hint of higher inflation.

So it’s hard to avoid a sense of despair. Rather than admit that they’ve been wrong, European leaders seem determined to drive their economy — and their society — off a cliff. And the whole world will pay the price.

Marilyn Monroe's new pictures published in a book

She's an icon whose photograph was taken thousands of times, which is why previously unpublished shots of Marilyn Monroe are still making it into the public domain some 50 years after her death.

These newly-released shots feature in a new book, Marilyn By Magnum, that has been published to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the film icon's tragic death.

Shot in her apartment in 1952, the personal frames were taken by renowned photographer Philippe Halsman. Also prominent is the late actress' natural beauty and her famous blonde curls and curvy figure.

As she stares into the camera in one of the shots she gives off an air of vulnerability.

While in another she sits on the floor, staring wistfully into the distance.

The photoshoot took place in 1952, the same year she filmed Niagara with Joseph Cotten and picked up the lead role in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes - she was 26 at the time, a full ten years before her death.

The new book collates many of the pictures that were taken by members of the Magnum photographic cooperative, the world famous agency formed by four photographers - Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson, George Rodger and David "Chim" Seymour in 1947.

Other contributors to the book (which contains 80 photos in total) include Elliott Erwitt, Eve Arnold, Inge Morath, Philippe Halsman, Bruce Davidson, Dennis Stock, Bob Henriques and Erich Hartmann.

Marilyn by Magnum, published by Prestel, is out now, priced at £19.99

April 13, 2012

Kim Kardashian, sister Khloe yell at motorist

Keeping up with the Kardashians can be a risky business.

An unsuspecting motorist discovered this yesterday - after getting yelled at by Kim and sister Khloe for apparently overtaking and cutting them off as they drove along in their 4x4.

The siblings were arriving at the M Cafe in Los Angeles yesterday when the incident happened.

It resulted in a few cross words as Kim, 31, and Khloe, 27, got out of their vehicle and started yelling at the other driver, according to onlookers.

In one snap, Khloe is seen heading over to a Mercedes, hand on the bonnet, apparently remonstrating with the motorist, who was believed to be a female driver.

The pair were out and about filming scenes for their reality show.

After getting some take out from the health food cafe, they returned home and were only too happy to fill in their camera crew in on the 'car-dashian' drama.

Kim looked in fine form for her outing, slipping into a pair of olive green leather trousers and a sheer black top.

Khloe, meanwhile, was wearing three-quarter length black trousers and a blue top and both sisters were wearing the same pair of tasselled heels.

April 11, 2012

Bug in Nokia Lumia 900

Struggling cellphone maker Nokia said on Wednesday its new flagship smartphone, the Lumia 900 model, has a software bug which could cut off data connections, a setback to its ambitions to re-enter the US smartphone market.

Lumia 900, which uses Microsoft's Windows Phone software, went on sale in the United States through AT&T on April 8 and is due to launch globally this quarter.

"A memory management issue was discovered that could, in some cases, lead to loss of data connectivity," Nokia smartphone unit chief Jo Harlow and Nokia US chief Chris Weber said in a joint statement.

"This issue is purely in the phone software, and is not related to either phone hardware or the network itself," they said, adding the company has developed a solution which would be available around April 16.

Nokia said it will offer anyone who has bought Lumia 900, or will buy by April 21, a $100 credit to their AT&T bill. The operator sells the phone for $99.99 with a two year contract.

April 8, 2012

Horton International re-enters India, aims to be in top 5 HR firms

Global executive search firm, specialising in the recruitment of senior talent, Horton International has re-entered India and will mainly focus in maritime and health care, a top company executive has said.

"Earlier, we were present in India, however, we exited the country in 2003. Now, we are planning to focus in maritime and health care," Horton International Managing Partner Robin Billen said. The company will only cater to a niche category, which is talents at senior executive levels or specialists, he said.
Horton International will also cater to providing talents in media and entertainment, consumer goods, services, retail, manufacturing, he said.

The firm, with a global presence in more than 40 locations in 27 countries, is aiming to be among top five executive search firm in the country in the next 3-5 years, he added.

Horton International also plans to expand its footprint in 30-35 countries by the end of this year, he said.

"We are looking at long term relationships with our clients and will specialise in niche segment, therefore, we plan to go slow. Initially, we are looking mid-sized companies and be part of their growth story," Horton India Managing Partner Dipy Nigam said.

Horton International has set up offices in two locations in the country, including Mumbai and Baroda and is planning another two like Delhi in north and one in the southern India, whose location is yet to be finalised, he said.

"There is a lot of movement happening in vibrant Gujarat and we aim to tap this opportunity," he added.

India, with its growing economy, is a significant market for the $30 million company, he said.

April 6, 2012

Kris Humphries shows estranged wife Kim Kardashian what she is missing

It has just been revealed that his estranged wife Kim Kardashian is dating Kanye West after the rapper professed his love for her in a song.

But Kris Humphries is showing the reality star what she has been missing since she filed for divorce after just 72 days of marriage in October.

The basketball player poses in a smouldering shoot for WESTEAST magazine.

The images have a military theme and see Kris navigating his way through an assault course and posing with a magazine of bullets slung over one shoulder.

Another photo sees him reclining on a sunlounger wearing just a leather jacket zipped halfway up his bare chest and a pair of briefs, as well as combat boots.

The NBA star’s face is decorated with skin camouflage and a rifle sits on the floor beside him.

The series of images see the hunk pout and pose for the camera, but his time behind-the-scenes was much more light-hearted.

Backstage shots show the New Jersey Nets player larking around with the stylist as they waited patiently for shots to be set up.

His short marriage to Kim left him landing headlines for the wrong reasons, but Kris is likely to have gained a new legion of admirers this week, after making a dedicated fan who is suffering from cancer a guest of honour at one of his games.

And the power forward said the delight was all his when he learned 16-year-old Kaely Kwitek is a massive fan of his and wanted to meet him due to a campaign by her friends.

He said: 'I'm truly honoured that someone with much larger things on their plate feels that my involvement in their cause is important.

'Not many of us can be as strong as she has been. I hope that many more will join me and support Team Kaely.'

April 2, 2012

Sarah Tressler: Reporter By Day, Stripper By Night Fired From Job

Sarah Tressler, a Texas journalist who was working as a reporter for the society section of the Houston Chronicle by day and was a stripper by night, was fired by the newspaper Friday.

In an interview with ABC news , Tressler confirmed that she had been fired. She told ABC News that the newspaper had let her go for not informing her supervisors about the stripper job.

The Houston Press, the rival newspaper of Chronicle, exposed the double life of Tresseler Monday after publishing an article with the headline "Writer by day, stripper by night." The article also focuses on Tressler's blog - Dairy of an Angry Stripper - where she gives details about her double life.

"The idea of somebody outing me seemed like it would be like such a mean thing to do that I never thought anybody would do it," Tressler told ABC News. "I guess I was wrong."

"The reason I started dancing - it just boils down to money. The economy was bad and I couldn't get a job."

By day, Tressler was working as a reporter covering society beat for the Chronicle and, by night, she was working as a dancer at high-end gentleman's clubs. She said since 2004 she had been moonlighting as a dancer "on and off."

Tressler holds a master's degree in journalism from the New York University. The Houston Press also discovered that Tressler was an adjunct professor at the University of Houston.

"I worked from 1:30 to 11:30 last Thursday, which is long enough to hang out with some friends, make some new contacts, eat lunch and pull down about $750," she wrote on her blog, Angry Stripper.

In January, Tressler became a full-time reporter at the Chronicle and has also worked as a freelance reporter for Us Weekly. Tressler believed that her double life secret was safe until it was released by the Houston Press.

"Yeah, I guess so. I just didn't really think that anybody would want to do that," Tressler said.

Tressler's former colleagues told the Houston Press that they were "furious" about her double life because she would always show off her "stripper money" in the office. Staffers also said that Tressler was living double for the purpose of securing a book deal, ABC News reported.

According to Tressler, her former colleagues at the Chronicle wished her best when the news of her stripper life broke.

However, Tressler said that she had no regrets about leading her double life.

"I had three jobs, I lost one of them and now I have two jobs," Tressler said. "I was a stripper/reporter/professor and now I'm just a stripper/professor, and I don't think that's too bad."