November 26, 2011

Bigg Boss 5: Pooja Misrra kicked out

Well the whole country is now talking about the initially not so famous Pooja Misrra. The model has won several hearts in the country and abroad. She has acclaimed this fame via her obnoxiously violent and erratic behavior every now & then.

When Pooja Misrra came into the Bigg Boss house, very few would’ve guessed her sudden shift in character with time. Pooja Misrra spent eight long weeks in the Bigg Boss house. She has been seen in various Avatars in the past, not to forget the infamous joker look which she did carry off quite commendably.

“With captaincy comes maturity, but with Pooja Misrra, it was just the other way round. Her captaincy seemed to be irritating Sidharth, This was when Pooja Misrra decided she would talk to Sidharth about it. But instead of talking, it turns out that the two ended up having an argument and that was when Pooja Misrra lost her cool and turned violent towards Sidharth,” said officials at Bigg Boss in a statement.

According to the statement, “It had just been a couple of days since Sky declared to Sidharth about Pooja Misrra having a soft corner for him, but it seems like Pooja Misrra’s ego overpowered her soft corner and she could not help hating Sidharth more than ever. Her violence towards Sidharth resulted in her being asked to leave the Bigg Boss house.”

“We wish that the other contestants inside the house take this by an example and will now have a total control over their avid reactions,” concluded the official statement.