February 22, 2012

Meet the world's famous wife beaters

We all know how bad domestic violence is and most of the parts in the world it is considered very bad, but when it happens to a common middle class family it is not Breaking news. 

But when a celebrity husband/boyfriend breaks the teeth of her wife it surely becomes Breaking News, we present you a list of 8 such wife-beaters in which some of them have paid the price of  this crime while some are paying and some are happily married to each other even after the violence they have created.

We also know that girls are crazy for celebrities and they will do anything in order to marry a celebrity but after reading this surely the girls will give that thought of marriage a second thought…

Nicolas Cage

The Ghost Rider star Nicolas Cage got arrested off-recently for allegedly shoving his wife Alice Kim in an inebriated state. He was arrested on the grounds of Domestic abuse.


Zeenat Aman – the sex siren of 70s had one of the most violent relations a bollywood celebrity ever had, she used to get beaten up by her husband Mazhar for no reason and this ultimately led to her divorce with him.

Raja Chaudhary

One of TV’s favorite bahu’s and Bigg Boss 4 winner Shweta Tiwari has been of the worst sufferers of domestic violence. Her then husband Raja Chaudhary used to hit her like a punching bag and abuse her like a dog. She later files a complaint against him and divorced him later on.

Chris Brown

The most infamous brawl ever to happen was the brawl between Chris Brown and Rihanna, whre Rihanna was on the receiving end and got beaten up like it was fight beween two guys, Chris hit Rihanna like anything and her face was completely swollen, he was arrested and was sued by Rihanna, he publicly came and apologized for his wrong-doings, but sometimes somethings can never be forgooten Chris. Scars can go but what about mental scars.

Rahul Mahajan

He is the serial wife-beater, his first wife divorced him because of domestic violence and then Rahul Mahajan’s second wife Dimpy Ganguly walked out of his home and cried to the media that Rahul physically abuses her. Dimpy said that Rahul Mahajan used to abuse her up every alternate day.

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson was better well known as great actor but he broke his wife teeth and broke all the records that he broke at the Box-office. He was arrested for assault on his ex-wife Oksana Grigorieva and still is facing the trial.

Charlie Sheen

He is the Bad boy of Hollywood and he has done many bad things in his life but one of the worst things he ever did was he shot his wife Kelly Preston in the arm. Believe it this happened in 1990 and Sheen face d trial.

Nick Carter

The socialite and Hotel heiress Paris Hilton was also one of the celebrities who have faced domestic abuse. Her then boyfriend, Boy Nick Carter of Backstreet Boys punched on her pretty face and she displayed her face for the Paparazzi. But Nick denied this.
Girls are you still interested or have you changed your mind…


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