February 22, 2012

35% of British adults still go to bed with teddy

Stuffed toys help grown-ups de-stress and relax, research suggests

They've been keeping children happy for years and are a godsend for many parents when trying to keep their little ones quiet.

But it would seem it is not just youngsters who appreciate the soothing benefits of the teddy bear - it still occupies a special place in the hearts of many grown-ups too.

Research has revealed that 35 per cent of adults in Britain have admitted they still sleep with a teddy bear to help them de-stress and sleep at night.

A total of 6,000 Britons were surveyed by hotel chain Travelodge to learn more about the country's fascination with the teddy bear.

The company said its staff had tried to reunite more than 75,000 forgotten bears left behind in its 452 hotels in England -- and found many were not owned by children.

A quarter of men who took part in the survey admitted to taking their teddy bear away on business, with many saying it reminds them of home and helps get them fall asleep when they cuddle it.

The average teddy in Britain is 27 years old, with about 50 per cent of British adults saying they still had a bear from their childhood, the survey found.

Fourteen per cent of married men said they hid their teddy when friends or family come to visit, while a tenth of unmarried men surveyed in England admitted to putting their bears away when their girlfriend stayed over.

Fifteen per cent of men and 10 per cent of women admitted treating their teddy like their best friend, sharing intimate secrets with their bear.

And according to 26 per cent of male respondents, it is quite acceptable to have a bear regardless of your age, the survey said.

Daily Mail