February 7, 2012

Deepika Padukone starts dating, again!

Actress Deepika Padukone has become quite the topic at dinner table conversations...

The girl who ended her relationship with Ranbir Kapoor, and successfully moved onto being seen with Siddharth Mallya, is single again! Apparently, it's been a year that Deepika and Siddharth broke up, or so we are told.

Deepika, however, is all set to enjoy her single status and is known to have got active on the dating scene. While some say that her ex-boyfriend Nihaar Pandya is happy being her agony uncle, others say that it's John Abraham's broad shoulders that seem to be comforting her.

A friend of hers says, "Deepika has always maintained her friendships - be it with Nihaar or anyone else. She always hung out with friends even when she was in a relationship. It's not correct to read too much into this."

Her recent tweet - 'Game Over' - has raised speculations if the same was hinted at her break-up with Mallya. Anyway, it's work - a film with Ranbir Kapoor, and family and friends that's taking up most of her time now. Be it casual, this girl is surely mingling. Let's hope love comes her way soon.