December 18, 2011

Rahul baba has gone bonkers, says Mayawati

Lucknow (PTI): Stung by Rahul Gandhi's criticism, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati today lashed out at the Congress saying the party has "lost its mental balance" due to which it sees "elephant" eating money.

"The Congress, it seems has lost mental balance due to which it sees elephant eating money. The party, which failed to do any good to people in its 40 years rule is seeking their support again for forming government in the state for five years and claiming to change their fortunes," she said.

Mayawati was addressing a rally of Muslim, Kshatriya and Vaish communities here to seek their support for the upcoming Assembly elections.

Her remark came in the wake of Gandhi stating that an "elephant" in Lucknow was eating away all the money sent by the Centre for the poor in Uttar Pradesh.

In an apparent reference to the ruling BSP and its poll symbol, the elephant, the Congress leader had taunted Mayawati saying poll-bound UP has decided to "throw away" this elephant.

Alleging that Congress was shying away from initiating any concrete steps to bring back black money stashed away abroad, Mayawati asked the party to announce that 50 per cent of it, if brought back, would be spent on UP.

"I challenge them to announce that they will spend 50 per cent of the black money brought from foreign countries for development of UP...I know they will not do that...The role of Congress leaders appears dubious due to which it is not taking strict action to bring back black money," she alleged.