December 4, 2011

I do not like girls who openly talk about condoms and sex, Dev Anand said once

Gaurav Malani

It was exactly in this week last year that I met Dev saab in his Khar office with some of my office colleagues. And it just seems yesterday. It was more of a casual conversation with him rather than a formal interview on any of the two of his upcoming films. So we never bothered to take down notes or record it for official purpose. But such was his impact that his words still linger fresh in my mind.

Two of his films were scheduled for release back to back, one being the coloured version of his 1962 classic, Hum Dono, and other his latest directorial venture, Chargesheet.

"People would get to see the young Dev Anand and the present Dev Anand in quick succession", said the elated actor. In the 88th year of his life, the actor still showed no signs of ageing as far as his cinematic ambitions were concerned. Post Chargesheet, he wished to come up with a sequel to another of his superhit films, Hare Raama Hare Krishna. While he was upbeat about the idea of renovating classics and taking the legacy of his films forward, Dev Anand was strictly against remakes. "Why would you want to meddle with the classics?" This was also the time when Dev Anand had been strongly opposing the remix version of the song, Dum Maaro Dum, which was being used as an item song in Rohan Sippy's film.

Dev Anand also kept himself updated with the changing times and technological advancement. He was completely amazed by the power of internet and was perhaps the only actor of his era to have an active Twitter account. Naturally then he was a very open-minded person and not stuck with the conservativeness of his times. "Ask me anything and everything that you want", said the senior actor putting our apprehensions to rest. He didn't take offence to any question and never ever showed any high-handedness in answering any of them.

Could he fall in love even today asked a colleague and he candidly replied, "Why not? You cannot stop yourself from falling in love. But I am a responsible man. I have a wife and son. So I know where to draw my lines". Ask him what did he think of the woman of today and he said, "They are beautiful. Par hamare zamane mein nazakat hua karti thi. The girls had a natural charm. Today it's more artificial. I don't like girls who openly talk about condoms and sex".

Like Hum Dono, Dev Anand wanted to bring back many of his black and white classics in the coloured format so that the present generation could enjoy it. Reviving memories of his times he says, "If I wanted, I could have ruled half of Bombay". And such was his stardom that one doesn't overlook his statement as a mere exaggeration. Dev Anand enjoyed immense popularity throughout his lifetime and wasn't a faded star even in his last days.

Dev saab was getting his Juhu residence refurbished at that time and assured us that the next time we meet it would be at his newly-done pad. Unfortunately that will never happen now. We will miss you for ever after Dev Anand. They don't call you evergreen for no reason!

Source: The Times of India