October 23, 2011

Some girly tantrums men are clueless about

Men maybe complicated but when it comes to their women, they often take things at face value. He plays it safe by reading the obvious, often leaving his woman flustered and frustrated.

By feigning sleep she might want him to make the first move in bed, but he conveniently chooses to toss sides and fall into deep slumber. Of course, some men do suspect there is more below the surface, but they had rather not explore that complex tangle of emotions that make up a woman's mental landscape. Here are five girly tantrums, men prefer to overlook and women can't stop sulking about ...

When she says it is too expensive 
You are out with your girlfriend and she notices this chic designer handbag displayed in a glass shelf. She stops to give it a long look and says "This is too expensive; I cannot buy it right now". This means; why don't you offer to buy it for me. Shilpa (28), a call-centre executive, explains this best, "One time I was out with my boyfriend for lunch. As I passed the Da Milano store, I noticed this really sexy yellow bag. It was obscenely priced, and I weakly admitted that I couldn't afford it." But all he could come up with was, "the bag is anyway not that great and definitely not worth the money." "I was so disappointed."

When you are glued to the television and she snuggles up to you 
You might find her sudden interest in football very encouraging, as she walks into the living room and cosies up beside you. In such a scenario, most men begin to ramble about their favorite football club and what makes a Zidane legendary. Ask your girl, she definitely doesn't wish to learn about your passion for the sport, but your passion for her. "Seduce me and make love to me on the couch", is what she implies. Content manager, Rohit (32), finds this behavior of his fiance bemusing. "She otherwise hates me for spending time before the television. But there are times when she gets so lovey-dovey and settles down to watch TV with me, and takes the greatest interest in whatever I am viewing."

When she praises another man 
This means there is something you need to pick up from that other man. It also can be read as an attempt to make you jealous. There is never a flimsy reason why she mentions about this third person. You'd better be all ears and try to decode her real purpose. "I used to often broach the topic of a certain colleague, and deliberately stress on how he offers to help his wife with cooking and gives her a hand in all household chores," chips in Anita (37), ground staff with an airline. "But he would hardly pay much heed, and casually say, "poor guy", without even realizing that this is precisely what I ask of him too." Perhaps Anita's husband of six-years thought him another mundane fellow worker.

When she calls herself fat 
Think twice before responding to such a declaration. Your agreeing with her can make things worse. All she needs you to tell her is, she ain't fat at all, and that you find her desirable the way she is. "After putting on a new dress, I would ask my boyfriend how I looked. Whether I appeared fat," says Shruthi (24), a marketeer with a news channel. "And he would lamely agree that I needed to exercise and can be back in shape." Remember, this is a rare occasion when she would love to be contradicted.

When she talks about her girlfriends 
You are expected to be a mute listener in such a situation. Give her a patient hearing, and do not contribute or show interest in a certain friend. To get you interested in her female friends is not what she intends, and shall not take it kindly if you attempted it. Megha (21), a college-goer, gets very annoyed with her boyfriend when he displays un-called for curiosity in her girlfriends. "I lose the thread of the conversation. He digresses me into giving him unnecessary details about my friends, which I find revolting." Agreed, she is telling you about her pals, but you are only required to nod in agreement rather than get into a discussion, or worse still, oppose her.