March 12, 2012

How Kristen Stewart looks in Breaking Dawn part 2

Red eyes, pale white skin and razor-sharp cheekbones - Kristen Stewart's Bella looks fang-tastic as a vampire in Breaking Dawn Part 2 teaser

The last film finished after Bella Swan was turned into a vampire by her immortal lover Edward Cullen.

And now Twilight fans have been given their first look at Bella as a vampire, after a teaser trailer for Breaking Dawn - Part 2 hit the internet.

It is believed the trailer was shown at the first instalment in the final story was released on DVD at Target stores in America, with fans quick to post the video online.

In the trailer, Bella is seen awakening a vampire after Edward injecting her heart with his venom in a bid to keep both her and their baby Renesmee alive.

With red eyes, pale skin and red lips, Bella looked worlds away from the teenager she once was, and on a par with her vampire lover.

The video shows Bella analysing a piece of paper torn from a copy of The Merchant Of Venice with the words: 'Gather as many witnesses as you can before the snow sticks to the ground. That's when they'll come for us.'

She tells Edward: 'It's strange. Physically I feel like I could demolish a tank. Mentally I feel just drained.'

After suggesting a bath might make her feel better, Edward tells Bella: 'I've had a bad habit of underestimating you.

'Every obstacle you've faced, I'd think you couldn't overcome it, but you just did. You're the reason I have something to fight for - a family.'

As a vampire, Bella also finds herself with a super power - a higher level of self-control.

In the book, Stephanie Meyer writes that Bella fits in perfectly to the vampire world.

Writing as Bella, the book reads: 'I was amazing now - both to them and to myself. It was like I had been born to be a vampire.

'The idea made me want to laugh, but it also made me want to sing. I had found my true place in the world, the place I fit, the place I shined.'

As well as a huge amount of self control, Bella has the power to project a shield using her mind which then protects the people around her.