August 4, 2011

Want to cut the flab? Then use a fork at dinner!

London, July 28 (ANI): Tried every type of diet to get that slim figure but nothing worked? Well, then try using a fork to have your dinner.

There's no draconian reduction in calories for weeks on end. The only meal that has to be strictly controlled is dinner, when you are allowed to use only your fork.

And now a team of diet experts has checked that his theory really works, reports the Daily Mail.

The principle idea is that certain food types just won't make it on to any of those fork prongs. In particular, those containing fat or sugar.

According to nutritionist Ivan Gavriloff, who invented Dine With A Fork, it's the food we need to use a knife to eat that causes us to pile on the pounds: cheese, meat and sausages.

Also banned are the foods we eat with our hands: pizza, hamburgers, nuts and bread.

There are two versions of the diet to follow: the strict one means knifes, spoons and hands are even banned in food preparation. But it's not a crash diet - Le Forking is promoted as less of a diet, more of a way of living. The idea is steadily to lose up to 5lb a month, so you don't need to cancel your social life.

The theory of Le Forking is that if you eat a proper breakfast and a hearty lunch, you'll have no desire to binge on high-calorie foods in the evening. (ANI)