August 18, 2011

How to impress an Indian girl

If you are thinking about how to impress a girl in India, you must first understand them. They surely are the jewels of God’s creation, splendor beyond glory and are desired by all those who come in their presence.

A man really has to understand the customs and mindset of these girls, to have any possibility of conquering her heart. To impress a girl in India, you need to be able to relate to her both intellectually and culturally.

Indian girls are very conservative and rarely can be impressed by ideals or luxuries with which they are not familiar with. Even though the western philosophy has greatly influenced the culture of the entire world, the Indian culture still remains intact and rather aloof from the popular western way of life.

Some things have changed in some areas, but the untouched Indian beauty still remains secluded from eyes and thoughts, waiting patiently for someone to dedicate herself completely to. An Indian girl still seeks her parents’ approval before even contemplating a possible relationship. Therefore the first step into impressing an Indian girl would be to familiarize oneself and gain the trust of her immediate and extended family. Any bad impression that a family member has of a suitor greatly reduces his possibility of winning the maiden.

More importantly, the views of the elders of the family are the most important for an India girl. One must be sincere, truthful and without devious intentions towards them to be even considered for a relationship by an Indian girl. On the other hand, if one manages to impress the elders, he would have immediately attracted the attention of the beauty.

Apparent financial security and stability is a major factor that Indian beauties look for in a man. One must be able to demonstrate his ability of providing for and taking care of her before she commits herself to you.

Not necessarily should one be a millionaire before an Indian girl is impressed. Most Indians are accustomed to a simple life style and as such, a good steady job or career can be enough to satisfy and take care of this aspect to impress a girl in India.

Certain personal possessions such as a car, house, or a private business can only bring greater attention, but would definitely require accompaniment of one’s dedication towards the growth of the family as a whole and his commitment to remaining sincere with his mate. A comfortable simple life is more appealing than an extravagant public life for the majority of reserved, cautious Indian girls and would create a better impression on them.

The last and the most important factor that impress a girl in India is romance. After being given approval by the family and the girl herself, one must be able to prove himself worthy of having her, by keeping her happy and by fulfilling all her expectations. Sexual encounters are strictly prohibited before marriage and any specific interest towards this activity or any evidence of disloyalty can have severe consequences. If instigated, Indian girls can prove to be really nasty.

Romance simply means being there for her, making her smile, taking care of her in absence of family members and showering her with beautiful and selfless gifts such as flowers or chocolates. One must demonstrate his desire and love for her, to the immediate community and the entire world, which can really impress a girl in India. If one is successful in such an endeavor, he would have indeed gained an incomparable partner for life.


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