July 18, 2012

Did Sage Stallone overdose on painkillers?

Sylvester Stallone's son Sage, who was found dead on Friday in his LA apartment, had undergone extensive dental surgery and may have overdosed on painkillers, according to his mother.

Sasha Czak, in her first public comment since Sage's death, said her son had five teeth extracted two weeks before he was found dead.

Czak, Stallone's first wife, also said that she had begged him not to have so much dental work carried out in one day, the New York Post reported.

The Los Angeles coroner has confirmed pill bottles were recovered from the 36-year-old filmmakers's Hollywood home and it is widely believed that he died of an overdose.

Toxicology results are expected within four to six weeks.

"I told him not to do that. I've heard about people dying having multiple procedures done to you mouth. Do not have more than one tooth (pulled)," she said.

When asked if her son would be taking pain medication, she added, "Wouldn't you be."

Los Angeles coroner Ed Winter has denied reports that Sage was living in squalor when his body was found as per some reports.

"Sage Stallone wasn't living in squalor. His home wasn't inordinately messy. It seemed to be a typical male messiness. Stallone did have a housekeeper," Winter said.