April 17, 2012

Mario Falcone slept with 500 women!

'I slept with over 500 women': TOWIE's Mario Falcone, 24, reveals his sordid past including bedding five women in ONE NIGHT

Mario Falcone has revealed he has slept with more than 500 women in his 24 years.

The Only Way Is Essex star's girlfriend and co-star Lucy Mecklenburgh won't be happy with the Italian tailor's candid interview in which he also claims to have bedded five women in one night.

And during a two-week boys trip to Malta, he says he slept with 28 holidaymakers.

Mario posed in just his pants, before disrobing and posing with just a towel around his neck, in a saucy photoshoot for Now magazine.

When asked how many women he had been with, he replied: 'Over 500' and added: 'People might frown on it, but I was a single young man, so I think it's acceptable. If one of my mates told me he's only slept with six girls, I'd be like "What? You've clearly been in a relationship too long".

'I've had two serious girlfriends - I was with them both for two years. But when we broke up, i'd go absolutely mental and make the most of being single.

'The best I've done was five in one night, but that was all individually.'

But he said he was faithful to Lucy and they had a lot of sex to keep things alive.

'Before TOWIE when girls used to throw themselves at me, I knew it was because of my good looks and because I had a lot of swag. Now I don't know if they're only doing it because I'm on TV.'

Mario spoke about Lucy's infidelity with former co-star Mark Wright.

The couple broke up for a short while after she woke up in the former resident playboy's bed and lied about it.

Mario said he had forgiven his girlfriend and Mark had nothing on him.

'I don't think anyone's better than me.

'Mark went out that night to get a storyline for TOWIE. I'm not like that. It's like me going out and deciding I'm going to f*** lauren Goodger, so I've got a good story for the new series. I think Mark lived his life by the show, whereas I live my life and the show follows.

He also revealed that EastEnders star and 2012 Strictly Come Dancing star Kara Tointon had flirted with him.

'It was a few years ago. She was friends with my sister Giovanna. I was texting her at one stage but nothing happened.'

Mario also spoke about his recent feud with The Wanted's Tom Parker.

The pair became embroiled in a Twitter row after Tom said the TOWIE stars were famous for 'doing nothing' and Mario was a 'second class Mark Wright', referring to the show's former resident playboy.

Mario then lashed out, asking if Tom was 'the ugly one in the band'.

He added in the interview that he would 'slap' Tom if he said the same thing to his face.